Nike Joyride Run Flyknit: Not The Least Bit A Running Shoe

Nike is back at it with new technology, and a new lineup of shoes to showcase it. Nike’s newest tech comes in the form of TPE bead filled pockets by the name of Joyride, which are designed to give a custom ride while providing unmatched comfort for recovery runs. The first of many shoes to launch with this new midsole is the Run Flyknit which has a design similar to the running version of an Air Jordan. With this launch, Nike has taken an aggressive approach and came out of the gate swinging. The Joyride Run Flyknit is a very bold looking shoe that holds nothing back in both form and function, and to top things off, it’s priced on the high end of the running shoe world at $180. My opinion of the shoe is mixed, read on for details!

The Specs

Model: Joyride Run Flyknit

Mens size: 12

Weight: 12.96oz (mens 12)

Offset: Unknown (my guess is 19mm forefoot / 31mm heel)

Support: Neutral

Type: Recovery Run; cushioned, responsive, custom fit

Use: Short Recovery Runs

Color: White/Platinum Tint/Bright Mango/Racer Blue

Style Number: AQ2730-100

Style Rating: 24.5/25

Style Creativity: 5/5

Color Combinations: 4.5/5

Physical Lines: 5/5

Choice of Materials: 5/5

Graphics & Overlays: 5/5


I love the look of this shoe! I’m a huge Disney fan and I can’t help think that this shoe looks like something you’d get from a Pixar X Nike collaboration. The use of colors are very bold and fun, and of course the showcase of the shoe is the clear pocket that show off the TPE beads inside. The implementation of the style aspects of the shoe aren’t just bold, they’re fun too, with the shapes and placement of design aspects like the bold pull tab, to the retro looking Nike bubble on the tongue, this shoe isn’t shy.


As far as looks go, the only thing that could’ve been better in my eyes (and only if I’m being overly picky) is the toe box area. Every bit of the shoe has fun colors and designs going on, but as soon as you get to the toe box, all of the excitement fades away and you’re left with a basic looking toe box, something similar to the Epic React. Not a big deal but I think a little something could’ve been added, possibly the addition of different color threads to add a little pop.

On-Foot Feel Rating: 26.5/30

Toe Box Fit / Comfort: 4/5

Midfoot Fit / Comfort: 3.5/5

Tongue Fit / Comfort: 5/5

Heel Fit / Comfort: 5/5

Midsole Feel: 5/5

Outsole Feel: 4/5


On foot this shoe feels fantastic, completely unique and somewhat weird. The upper fits so free and smooth thanks to the Flyknit and neoprene materials and allows for a buttery smooth feeling around your foot. The Midsole is were the shoe really shines though. Directly under foot there’s a thin sewn in fabric for a sock liner, no thick removable sock liner like most shoes. Because of this thin fabric, the bead filled pockets bulge up dramatically and are very noticeable underfoot at all times.  The reason this is so nice is because you direct a direct under foot feeling of beads massaging your foot with every step. While walking, you can feel your foot muscles getting actively massaged and your legs and feet feel quite refreshed after walking around in this shoe.


The only on foot flaw is base don personal preference. I don’t like Flyknit very much because it is designed to fit tight, and stretch over time for a custom ft. But, this tightness presses too hard against the lateral part of my midfoot and creates a soreness and discomfort that is felt the entire time I wear the shoe.

Performance Rating: 71.5/110

Forefoot Stability: 4.5/5

Heel Stability: 4.5/5

Weight: 4.5/5

Weight Balance: 4.5/5

Cushioning: 5/5

Lock Down: 4.5/5

Responsiveness: 2/5

Outsole Traction: 3.5/5

Upper Ventilation: 4/5

Longevity: 3.5/5

Worth the Money (at the retail price)?: 1/5

Performance as a Total Package: Cushioned, Short Recovery Jogs: 30/50


Soooooo, where do I start?! I judge shoes based on the intended purpose for which the manufacturer designed them. In this case, this is supposed to be a short recovery run shoe, and in many ways Nike was right in the design and marketing, but they were a little off the mark. In relation to performance, any and all positive points I gave to this shoe are due to it’s fantastic ability to make your legs and feet feel massaged and fresh after WALKING in the shoe. The shoe felt very soft and did a great job as a recovery device…. only when walking in it!


You shouldn’t run in this shoe! All point deductions were due strictly because Nike said this is good for short recovery runs. Nothing about the way this shoe was built makes it good to run in. Nike says the shoe is responsive, but the beads in the midfoot just crunch together when you land and provide no feedback. The shoe feels like a basketball shoe when running and it was difficult to get fast turnover and land anywhere but the heel. The absolute worst part, the fabric over the pockets moves around and the beads collapse basically keeping a sliding piece of fabric under your foot at all times. This sliding not only made you feel like you’re slipping around on the pavement, but most importantly caused so much friction that I got the worst blister I’v ever had from any shoe, ever.

Overall Score 74

Should You Buy This Shoe?

Once again, this is not a running shoe. Don’t get this to run short runs, and especially don’t get this is a main running shoe. This shoe however is phenomenal as a running supplement shoe, and by that I mean something you wear in off times from running. The massage feeling under foot was so nice and really would be nice after hard runs or races, and even during regular casual use. I wouldn’t recommend buying this to most people due to the price tag, it’s a lot to spend on something you won’t wear a lot. But, if the price doesn’t but you, it could be a nice lifestyle shoe to add to your collection.

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