1:1 Run Coaching

Do you need a running coach? And, what does having a coach do for you!?

The answer is, yes, maybe… probably, or not, but probably yes!

No one HAS TO have a coach, but having a coach who is a neutral party in your training plan can give you unbiased, result focused information and training to make sure that all of your hard work is being done efficiently with a proper focus on a good mix of intensity and injury prevention.

No one is too new or too experienced to have a coach. I’m a coach and I have a coach too! It’s basically Coach-Ception! As a beginner, you are likely more susceptible to injuries from improper training due to a lack of experience and knowledge in proper running training. As an experienced runner, you may be harboring bad habits in form and training that haven’t shown themselves initially in your running experience, but at a certain point you can begin to plateau in performance or begin having pains/injuries. As an advanced runner, you are likely very focused and determined in your training, and may find yourself pushing yourself too hard. A good running coach will ensure you are taking the right steps to forming and making good habits, as well as keeping you from yourself! Your coach will keep you from damaging yourself and will also know when and how to push you based on your individual deficiencies in order to reach new goals!

I’ve partnered with an amazing online run coaching group, Team RunRun! Check out my coaching profile, and if you’re lookin’ and liken’, sign up so we can reach that next PR together!

Coach Bio

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LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
DISTANCES: 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Marathon
TRAINING PLAN: Individual, customized training plan
COMMUNICATION: Unlimited email, unlimited text
RESPONSE TIME: Within 24 hours

Finding a coach who is a great fit for you is really important. We encourage you to email your coach prior to signing up so you can connect, communicate, and ensure a good athlete/coach fit.


5k – Full Marathon road races

I customize workout plans for each runner in order to match their current fitness level and plan an approach to help them reach their goal. By scheduling specific workouts, we will work on all aspects of a runners fitness from the anaerobic to aerobic system. My training plans are fluid, and adapt on a real-time basis to the runner and to what phase we’re in during training. I use various phases of training during a training cycle in order to create greater emphasis on different aspects of running fitness.

I believe in being a complete athlete / runner, and when working with me, I will provide the following:

Coach Scheduled:

  • Custom phase-based running schedule, to work on; speed, cardio, strength, endurance, and race specific workouts
  • Running form drills: drills to enhance; proper form, good mechanics, fast cadence, and coordination / rhythm
  • Training Analysis and Follow Up / Feedback: Regular feedback and conversation regarding training runs and performance

Coach Guided, Athlete Scheduled: (I provide guidance / details, but allow my athletes to self-manage for good training-life balance)

  • Strength training: both for power production and injury prevention
  • Mobility techniques: to ensure proper flexibility and range of motion
  • Recovery techniques: foam rolling, massage, and stretching (active and static) in order to prevent injury and enhance recovery
  • Race day and training nutrition / hydration guidance: fuel and hydration intake guidance for runs and races
  • Running form analysis: Send me a video of you running, and I can give feedback and guidance for improvements.(In-person analysis is also available to anyone in Fresno, CA, but is limited and needs to be scheduled with me)

I personally learn best when I understand how something works. So, in addition to teaching WHAT to do, I also explain the WHY. I’m always open to answering questions and giving advice, so you can not only be a strong runner, but a smart one as well!


Every runner is different!

I believe in creating a well rounded plan that’s customized to the; runner’s experience, current fitness, desired goal, and desired intensity/commitment.

You aren’t too out of shape, too old, or too busy to chase your goals.

I believe in hiring a coach (I use one too!) to help have an outside perspective on your training and a partner who is looking out for your best interest. We can self-sabotage ourselves, and need someone to keep us in check. In addition, a coach ensures you’re training at optimal efficiency. Time isn’t on our side, so you want the most out of every training week.


I’ve been coaching local beginning runners for 2 years and I focus on adults young and old who are anywhere from fresh off the couch, to athletic but looking to become a better runner.


I’m a very positive and high energy person who believes in chasing goals no matter what they are. I’m extremely competitive and am willing to stop at nothing in order to achieve what I desire.

I grew up as a mostly non-athletic person and began running in 2017 by getting suckered into a 5k. After completing that race, my competitive edge kicked in and I’ve been fully invested in the sport since. I trained myself to my first half marathon within 4 months of running, and my first full marathon only 2 months after that. I’m currently working working on qualifying for Boston and anticipate getting a BQ by the end of 2020.

I understand anyone who wants to run whether they’re out of shape or highly competitive, because I’ve personally lived on both sides of the spectrum.


I take a lot of my influence from major athletes like those sponsored by Nike and other large programs. In addition, I take and use knowledge from elite friends and coaches. I believe in learning from the success of others and what science has proven to work best.


  • Dozens of 5k and 10k races
  • 7 half marathons
  • 6 full marathons


  • 5k – 20:30
  • 10k – 45:35
  • 13.1 – 1:36:42
  • 26.2 – 3:41:12

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