About Me

Hey! I’m Scott Boatwright, a former lazy bastard turned running fanatic with an obsession for becoming the fastest runner I can be.

My Background

All of my life until exactly 1 year ago from the time I’m writing this, I was never a runner, not even close! I grew up HATING running and couldn’t understand why anyone would enjoy it. While I had this deep seeded hate for running, I always wished I could be the type of person who looks forward to running and actually desires it.

Fast forward to November 2017, I’m being harassed by my cousins to run the Fresno Thanksgiving Turkey Trot with them. This request was met with hostility, annoyance and a bountiful amount of profanity, to sum it up, I basically told them I had zero interest and I think it’s stupid. After having a YOLO moment I reluctantly agreed. I ultimately signed up, trained for a couple weeks with a goal of running the 5k without having to stop and went out there and had a blast! One thing you must know about me, I’m extremely competitive and love racing in any of its forms (have been and always will be a diehard automotive enthusiast and racer).

As with many people who begin running, I got the itch to do better and become faster and from that point the pursuit began to become the absolute fastest I can possibly be.

Living the Running Dream

Here we are 1 year after the journey began and I’ve completed 10 5k’s, 1 10k, 4 half marathons and 2 full marathons!

While I grew up not being a runner, I always wished that I could some day say I’ve run a marathon. Something about running 26.2 miles seemed so impossible and beyond human ability, and because of that I’ve felt that this is the holy grail of performance. All of my life I was convinced I could never be capable of running a marathon, but if I ever found a way, I would get a tattoo to commemorate the major physical feat. After 6 months of training I actually did it, barely but a finish is a finish. And yes, of course I got that tattoo!

Since accomplishing that elusive marathon, my goal has been simple, be the fastest I can be with hopes that I can run with the elite packs someday.

My love for being competitive and analyzing data has lead me to be very meticulous in my training. With all this effort I’m putting in, I love being able to share my knowledge and experiences with other in order to help them accomplish their goals.

My Mission

The goal of this blog is to connect with other runners and help provide them with motivation and information that can make the difference in accomplishing what they set out for. My plan is to share my: thoughts, ideas, feelings, training data and unbiased observations in order to give other runners a solid source of information to rely on.