The Tipping Point

Where was the point where running turned from miserable garbage to a desired pursuit?

I often ask myself this very question because even after all the races and training this year, I still am shocked that I’m a “runner” now.

I specifically remember a year ago (Thanksgiving 2017) immediately after I completed the Turkey Trot 5k, I scrambled looking for my time (because I’m a data junkie and racing is kinda my thing). I remember getting excited that I had outperformed my own expectations for my first 5k, but that racing demon inside me told me to think, “good work! Now how do I beat that!?”

This right here was the tipping point. It was at this point that running switched from being a chore to a desired pursuit.

Anyone who wants to want to become a runner needs to find their own tipping point. Maybe it’s a desire to race. Maybe it’s for the excellent weight loss or calorie burning. Maybe it’s meditation. Maybe it’s due to the highly social culture. Whatever it is, latch on to it and channel your desires into your run. In doing this, your run will channel excitement and joy back into you.

If you ever need running motivation or someone to help inspire you, please reach out and let me know your thoughts and feelings.