Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36: The Legacy Lives On (For the 36th Time)

As one of the longest running (pun absolutely intended) running-shoe models, the Nike Pegasus has returned by the name of, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36. As the 36th iteration of the beloved Pegasus, Nike has sought after maintaining that do-it-all shoe style by sticking with what people love, and improving on areas that weren’t quite perfect yet. While I feel that this new model has improved on some areas that really needed work, I believe Nike took some steps back as well. My expectations were for a 100% complete upgrade, and to my surprise I was left a little disappointed. At the end of the day, I like the shoe a lot, just not as much as I could have if Nike would’ve read my mind (as I totally expected them to, sheesh!).

The Specs

Model: Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Mens size: 12

Weight: 10.72oz (mens 12)

Offset: 10mm (18mm toe / 28mm heel)

Type: Daily trainer; cushioned, responsive

Use: Daily runs / long runs / speed work

Color: Bright Crimson/Vast Grey/Obsidian Mist/Black

Style Number: AQ2203-600

Style Rating: 3.6/5

Style Creativity: 3.5/5

Color Combinations: 3/5

Upper Physical Lines: 3/5

Midsole Physical Lines: 4/5

Choice of Materials: 3.5/5

Graphics & Overlays: 3.5/5

Outsole Design: 3.5/5

Durability: 5/5


The Pegasus 36 continues where the 35 left off in that it maintains that aggressive design with the swept back collar and beveled heel. My favorite aspects about the style of this model is that Nike went with the racing style swoosh that goes down into the midsole as well as the Nike pinwheel and wording on the anterior side of heel. Features that up until recently only came of Nike’s race specific shoes.


IDFK, I just don’t love it! The vent pattern in the upper looks like stretch marks, as if the shoe just had a baby like last week! Secondly, I cannot stand the exposed flywire. I liked how the wire barely showed on the 35, but on this shoe there’s an awkward amount sticking out of the upper and makes the shoe look like a kids shoe from the early 2000’s. Also, the dual colors of the wire isn’t my cup of tea, or at least in this color where there’s a misplaced grey that doesn’t belong. I will say though, I played with Nike ID and the custom colored Peg 36’s looked really really good, so maybe a lot of my problems are related specifically to the original release colors?

On-Foot Feel Rating: 4.2/5

Toe Box Fit / Comfort: 4.5/5

Midfoot Fit / Comfort: 4/5

Tongue Fit / Comfort: 4/5

Heel Fit / Comfort: 3.5/5

Midsole Feel: 4.5/5

Outsole Feel: 4.5/5


The puff is gone! The new upper internal lining is less puffy, more dense and has tighter knit fabric that is much smoother and provides a more connected feeling. In addition there’s a super thin, low cut tongue that no longer rubs high on the ankle and feels much cooler. Overall the upper feels lighter and much less intrusive. Lastly, the upper fits much better out of the box, it feels comfortable like the Peg 35 after it breaks in at 30+ miles.


In regards to feeling, the only downside I experienced was the heel fit. Even after getting a good lockdown, for some reason my heel would always slip about an inch or so. I don’t get heel slip in many shoes but some reason I was with the 35, as apposed to a very secure fit from the 35.

Performance: 4.2/5

Forefoot Stability: 4.5/5

Midfoot Stability: 4.5/5

Heel Stability: 4.5/5

Weight: 3.5/5

Weight Balance: 4/5

Cushioning: 4/5

Lock Down: 4/5

Responsiveness: 4.5/5

Outsole Traction: 4.5/5

Upper Ventilation: 3.5/5


It’s a Pegasus! While a name isn’t everything, in the world of running shoes, has remained a solid option and has been considered one of the best options for a go-to shoe that’s good for everything. The shoe maintains it’s fantastically cushioned yet responsive midsole, and feels lighter and more nimble on foot.


There’s no major cons for performance relative to the Peg 35. The shoe isn’t perfect for any one thing, but is great for all types of running. Personally I’d like it to be lighter and softer, but I do realize that’s not necessarily the purpose of the regular Pegasus.

Overall Score

Should You Buy This Shoe?

I don’t know you or what you like, but the answer is most likely yes! This shoe is excellent as a go-to trainer for anyone regardless how many shoes are in their rotation. The shoe is especially a good option for someone wanting a single pair of shoes. The tough part of the decision comes into whether you should get the 35 or 36. The Peg 35 can be bought on sale for typically $60 – $90 right now, and for that reason I have a real hard time recommending the 36 over the 35. I think the 35 is a no brainer unless the new features of the 36 are an absolute must have for you. If the 35 was too narrow and you really want a Pegasus, the 36 is probably the way to go. Personally, I stuck with my 35 even though I did like the feeling of this new upper more.

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