Training Summary: Week 52, 2018

My Takeaway

Week 52 was pretty basic, with some decent length runs and no long run.  The only notable run was my interval run, I surprised myself with the speed I was able to maintain for the 400m.  Trust in the process and the results will follow 💪🏻.

Training Recap


Type: tempo run

Distance (mi): 6.22

Duration: 51:54

Pace: 8’20”

Overview: looking to get in some fast miles. Wanted to push the limits to get the heart rate up and I wanted to burn some serious calories knowing the holiday eating damage I was about to face.


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 3.1

Duration: 27:59

Pace: 8’59”

Overview: I wanted to get in 6-8 miles but sleeping in on Christmas was more of a priority. I wanted to burn some calories, so a 5k had to do. Better than nothing!


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 8.0

Duration: 1:11:49

Pace: 8’58”

Overview: getting back on track after the booze filled 4 day weekend. It was a rough one, but I wanted to shake it all off and get focused.


Type: intervals

Distance (mi): 5.72mi WU

8×0.25mi @ 1k + 1:30 rest

1mi CD

Duration: 52:51

Pace: 9’11”

Overview: the goal was to get the speed work in but also to see what kind of pace I could hold for a 1/4 mile. I expected to run low 7’s but to my surprise I was able to hold mid 6’s.


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 6.0

Duration: 53:05

Pace: 8’51”

Overview: getting in the miles but taking it easy in anticipation of the long run


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 7.51

Duration: 1:09

Pace: 9’13”

Overview: Just a nice run at Woodward Park to get in some simple miles.


Type: tempo run

Distance (mi): 3.11

Duration: 25:19

Pace: 8’08”

Overview: Set out for a long run but I knew by mile 1 that I was too dead for it to happen (probably should’ve been an off day).  Since I just wanted to get done with it, I upped the pace and hauled ass back 😜.

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