Training Summary: Week 51, 2018

Week 51 was a great expansion from the previous week and ended up being the highest volume week I’ve ever had. Getting in the miles felt easy as far as volume is concerned but the intensity took its toll.

My Takeaway

The week was pretty standard but Saturday’s long run was far outside my comfort zone at 16 miles. This was a good lesson in doing uncomfortable long runs for general training purposes and should pay off by allowing me to have more muscular endurance.

Training Recap


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 8.0

Duration: 1:13:26

Pace: 9’10”

Purpose: Looking to get in a decent distance and duration but my legs needed a slower pace considering they were dead from the weekend’s workouts


Type: threshold run / strength training

Distance (mi): 4.25

1mi WU

2mi threshold pace

1.25mi CD

Duration: 35:36 / 33:08

Pace: 8’22”

Purpose: I need to increase my pace and learn to perform at a higher heart rate. This run was the first in awhile where I truly ran at serious heart rate.


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 6.0

Duration: 57:23

Pace: 9’32”

Purpose: a simple run to rest the legs and relax from a long work day


Type: off day

Distance (mi): 0.0

Duration: 00:00


Purpose: a day to completely relax and heal


Type: easy run

Distance (mi): 6.0

Duration: 53:05

Pace: 8’51”

Purpose: getting in the miles but taking it easy in anticipation of the long run


Type: long run

Distance (mi): 16.0

Duration: 2:31:51

Pace: 9’29”

Purpose: since I tend to not run more than 10-13 miles, I wanted to push myself and do a true long run. It hurt.


Type: Recovery run / strength

Distance (mi): 1.0

Duration: 11:27 / 32:16

Pace: 11’25”

Purpose: a light jog to work out the leg soreness along with much needed upper body strength. And of course plenty of stretching.

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