Training Summary: Week 50, 2018

Week 50 of 2018 was a great week from a training standpoint. I’ve started increasing the length of all runs and doing the longer miles and duration has become much easier. While it’s getting easier to run for a longer duration, I’m ensuring I don’t hit a plateau from staying in a comfortable zone. As things feel easier, I ensure to up the intensity or duration to keep the progress moving forward.

My Takeaway

This week’s training has helped teach me to make the most of all runs. This was the first week where I tool full advantage of each type of run. Long runs were truly long (for me), tempos were rough, intervals were extremely intense and recovery runs were very slow and relaxed. In doing this, I’m ensuring to get the most gains from my workout runs and the most beneficial active recovery during slow runs.

Training Recap


Type: easy run / strength training

Distance (mi): 4.0

Duration: 38:25 / 59:48

Pace: 9’33”

Purpose: Active recovery from the previous weekend’s long run and 5k race.


Type: recovery run / strength training

Distance (mi): 2.1

Duration: 20:29 / 32:30

Pace: 9’36”

Purpose: Active recovery from the previous weekend’s long run and 5k race.


Type: intervals

2mi WU

8 x 0.25mi @ 1k + 1:30 recovery

1mi CD

Distance (mi): 6.0

Duration: 54:19

Pace: 9’02”

Purpose: worked on building speed and cardio capacity. I also wanted to test out the workouts function in the Garmin app.


Type: off day

Distance (mi): 0

Duration: 00:00


Purpose: needed to fully recover, everything was hurting


Type: tempo / threshold run

Distance (mi): 5.6

Duration: 47:29

Pace: 8’28”

Purpose: started off at a tempo pace but it advanced into a threshold pace for the last couple miles. I wanted to put down some fire with a decent length run.


Type: long run / strength

Distance (mi): 13.26 / 46:38

Duration: 2:01:00

Pace: 9’07”

Purpose: putting in the long miles. I wanted to run until my legs were dead and then force them to go a few miles longer.


Type: Recovery run / light cardio

Distance (mi): 1.0

Duration: 12:51 / 29:49

Pace: 12’49”

Purpose: light jog and stationary bike to help stretch get blood flow to my very dead legs. Also, there was a whole lot of stretching and rolling involved.

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